Hello! I'm Caleb. I am a developer from Perth. WA.

My work and projects

GoodsIn Warranty

Full stack warranty application

A full stack application currently in development that allows easy creation of warranty claims and sent in advance item claims. Wholesalers often have the issue of keeping track of repaired goods or returned goods, and in other cases providing items/goods in advance before receiving the faulty item back. The purpose of this application is to easily see and resolve outstanding claims, whilst offering additional functionality over traditional data stores, such as a flat-file Excel database.

Xero Overdue Checker

A Google Chrome extension

This extension has been published to the Google Chrome Web Store as an unlisted extension. The extension is used in Xero accounting software by making an API call to see if a contact is overdue. If the contact is overdue, the invoice gets a ribbon attached to it notifying the creator that the account is overdue and by how much. If the contact is not overdue, then a green ribbon is attached saying not overdue, which lets the creator not to worry.