New year, new website, new blog...

Like every other developer dusting off the keyboard.

11th January 2020

A new year means a new website. Something I've had on my mind for a while now.

I find it difficult to build new websites, not for lack of motivation, but for lack of creative critique. It's easy enough to grab an existing design, maybe tweak the colours and font, add a bit of padding here or there and call it as your own, but where's the challenge?

I constantly want to improve design. Constantly. Things never sit well with me on the first go, I need to iterate after iteration after iteration. This is not a matter of "it's not good enough", rather, I am not satisfied with myself. I need to convince myself before others can convince me that what I am choosing to make is good. Good enough for them is not always good enough for me. Again, not to imply any level of elitism, it's simply a small annoyance I need to put up with my self.

Anyway, this year I have planned to be a lot more proactive with my writing and output of work. Work is great at my new place of work, BirdBrain. We're a digital agency in Subiaco/Jolimont.

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