Hey, I'm Caleb

I am a full stack web-developer from Perth, Western Australia.
I specialise in JavaScript, particularly Node.js, and also have a keen insight on business development.

I am actively looking for projects to undertake, so if you need someone who can provide you with excellent work and service, look no further.

For any kind of enquiry, please feel free to email me at .

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Full stack returns authorisation software, written in Express.js, MongoDB, HTML and CSS


Returns authorisation software

Warrantly is a full-stack Node.js based application designed to run in your browser. This a custom made application developed using Express.js with MongoDB on the back-end, and HTML, CSS, vanilla JS and some jQuery for the front-end.

Warrantly is designed to ease the returns authorisation process for a wholesaler, by allowing an all-in-one system for recording returns, items sent in advance and squaring off any replacement goods. It features automatic email dispatch, a rich global search and custom products.


Seeing a clear need for improvement, Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd now uses Warrantly for their entire returns operation.

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